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Un oiseau chanta -
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Shiki (1866-1902)

                                   Nathalie  Ruffat - Westling

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Who I am:

Born in Toulouse, I grew up between a paternal Gers grandfather, a master pastry chef, confectioner, excellent cook and maternal grandparents, perfumers in Casablanca, freshly arrived from Morocco who gave me a sense of beauty, a love of Mediterranean music and cuisine.

At 17 years old I left France for California, a prelude to a life of freedom and discovery.

At the age of 20 I moved to Sweden where I first studied Swedish before starting to study Naturopathy and Aromatherapy.

Passionate about Macrobiotics, I followed the teachings of a former Japanese professor, doctor and oncologist, who will guide me in my fight against the anorexia I had suffered from since childhood.

As a child I refuse to eat meat and fish, it is a permanent struggle at a time when parents and adults listen only very little to their children's tastes or food scares.

To finance my travels I work in the restaurant business where I learn about organization, rigour and a taste for a job well done.

This is how I collaborate in the creation and development of many establishments (Brasserie Ferdinand, Tant Grön etc.....)
Between my travels and my stops on all continents, I glean my culinary capital which I conscientiously record in many notebooks.

I learn medicinal and edible plants, ancestral techniques of preservation and fermentation and start cooking with passion.

Each time I return to Sweden I continue and deepen my naturopathic studies, which ended in 1998 with studies in medical & holistic aesthetics (Gilda Skolan in Gothenburg), I train at the Gua Sha and other manual techniques that I now practice at home.

In 1999 I returned to France and settled in Provence where I now live.

I collaborate in the creation of a Spa for a ***** hotel to finally put aside aesthetics and create in 2001 Les Cuisines de Garance culinary events agency as well as a food-truck where I sell every evening fresh pasta dishes "homemade" to take away and create a eponymous blog (read at the time by several thousand readers)

In 2006 I developed "Simply in Food" a culinary consulting agency where I work as a consultant, stylist, photographer as well as culinary writer/creator for many brands in the food industry and various media (Continental food, Devos lemmens, Bjorg, Weight Watchers, Elle, Femme Actuelle, Green Attitude, Burda etc.... )

In 2007 I published my first book: Les Toques Vertes (Ed. Milan Jeunesse) a small recipe book for children with food allergies that can now be found in all media libraries in France as well as in Belgium, Switzerland and Morocco.

Today in 2019 and after 3 years of break I have just created "Food Sherpa" a consulting agency specialized in the collection of edible plants, wild and nomadic cuisine, fermentation techniques and ancestral recipes from Asia to Lapland where I lived for a while...

Passionate forager, lover of nature and simplicity I like to think that food must remain at the heart of man, at the heart of our concerns, our health and especially at the heart of our struggles for a better world...


Misty Woodland
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Cuisson au feu de camp
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Coucher de soleil dans les bois
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Randonnée à Sunset
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feuille de fougère
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Tenant une pierre
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Fille en cours d'exécution dans le champ
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Bottes de pêche
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Pensées Nature...

Antler dans la nature

  "Vis Medicatrix Naturae"

    "Nature is healing."


  Plants as a source of life

"Since man has been on earth, he has used the plants that grow around him to feed and heal himself. It is time to rediscover these forgotten plants, whose many virtues we can use in our daily lives. Their meeting gives us the opportunity to discover a new vision of the world..."

François Couplan

plume 4

The American biologist E.O. Wilson mentioned another theory in the 1980s:

According to him, it is because our species has evolved in nature that we have a biological need to connect to it.

This is what he calls biophilia. According to this researcher, we are genetically destined to love the natural world, it would be like inscribed in our DNA.

We need her to feel good and fit.

The 5 principles of naturopathy, established by Hippocrates, are:

  •     first of all, do no harm ("primum non nocere")

  •     nature is healing ("vis medicatrix naturæ")

  •     identify and treat the cause ("tolle causam")

  •     detoxify and purify the body ("deinde purgare")

  •     naturopathy teaches ("docere")

Did you take your forest bath today?

 "Avicenna, a Persian-speaking doctor, already referred to the properties of plants and trees to cure various ailments."


Reconnecting with nature

1. Walking barefoot in the ground

2. Swimming in a river

3. Look at the stars lying in the grass

4. go out in the rain, wind, snow...


Nature Thoughts...

Walking in nature is like being in a huge library where each book contains only essential sentences.
Christian Bobin

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